The Maryland Green Party and the Hawkins campaign are working to regain Green Party ballot access in Maryland. We need to collect 10,000 valid signatures, but because of the restrictive way the Board of Elections reviews signatures, our goal is to collect at least 18,000 signatures.

This is required every four years unless we achieve 1% in a presidential or gubernatorial campaign. Stein/Baraka received 1.3% in 2016, but this did not impact the Maryland Green Party’s ballot access because we had already collected signatures. In that same year, Green candidate Margaret Flowers received 3.3% in a US Senate race. The Maryland Green Party had been making significant advances in expanding the party, increasing the candidates running and the total votes it receives, regaining ballot status is a must for the growth of the Maryland Greens.

The Hawkins campaign is going all in to support the Maryland Green Party’s ballot-access drive! The party is hiring an organizer to get more people collecting signatures by training and mobilizing them. Hawkins supporters can help now by signing up here, by downloading the petition and resources, by hitting the pavement and petitioning with other Maryland Greens, and by donating to our matching funds drive, where your donation up to $250 will be doubled by the federal government once we qualify for matching funds. Not in Maryland? You can still help our drive in Maryland by signing up to phonebank supporters in that state or by joining Greens in your state to travel to Maryland to petition.




PHONE: (410) 691 – 3204

FACEBOOK PAGE: Maryland Green Party

FACEBOOK GROUP: Maryland Green Party Issues & Discussion Group


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